Hi! I am born in Lithuania and now live and work in Sweden.

I draw, paint and create sculptures. These works are inspired by various things that surround me – nature, cities, people, books, news in media, thoughts. I like to think about past and the future. Justice, moral questions, society are also interesting topics to think of. I experiment, try new point of view, challenge my understanding.

Nature and animals are topics which inspired my all latest artworks. The conflict between humans and nature came to very critical point now. We have possessed almost every corner of this planet. Many other species are endangered. 

In order to find the point where this process began I was curious about ancient people, their behavior towards wild animals. Yet I still think that everything begins in our minds. With my artworks I try to emphasize abilities to perceive, in other words to look at the nature differently. For example though wild animal’s perspective. 

Materials which I like to use are oil paints, acrylics, pastells, gypsum, wire, clay. I like to use textures in paintings and sculptures. Textured surfaces represent raw materials, nature, materiality. Tactile surfaces and abstract forms are consistently appearing in my creations.

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