Textures and shapes

A lot of time spent in front of screens creates a disconnect between the user and the physical world. Constantly on my mind is the fact that all small children learn by tasting and touching. As I grew older I began to trust mostly my eyes, although I am sometimes tempted to touch in order to feel a new form, material, or texture. I am convinced that some artworks should not only be seen. 

I believe there must be beautiful moments created for every one of us through having new experiences, just by being little more curious. 

How many of us would love to discover new textures and shapes? This discovery would be like seeing a wild animal in front of us – our instinct to touch and taste would arise like a desire to hunt, that long rested deep inside us and now takes its cue to break free. 


Imprints, 18×24 cm, mixed media on canvas panel, 2019

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