This is one of bigger art projects that I did lately. I finished it just before Christmas time last year. I was always interested in wild life and todays questions about saving it. My artistic goal was to represent relation between wild animals and humans.

I focused on hunting history.  Wolves were the most spread wild animals in all times. Now they count there are for example around 350 wolves in Sweden. Few decades ago these animals were at the risk to disappear. Legal or illegal hunting is affecting negatively many species in the world.

I created 350 units of arrowheads similar to those of stone age. All were made of gypsum. If you take a closer look you can see that each of them is lightly different in shape, texture and mix of colors on it. Together they build the body of this wall sculpture. I named it “Shelter”.

Wall sculpture
Gypsum, acrylic paint, wire net, 77x55x20 cm
Arrowheads made of gypsum
Arrowheads made of gypsum and colored with acrylics
Arrowheads made of gypsum
Every piece is different

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